Kanga Klothing Sports/Raynaud’s Hoodie with Six Hidden Pouches of Warmth




Raynaud’s Association President Lynn Wunderman test on Kanga Klothing Raynaud’s Hoodie:

The company’s tag line is “Hidden Pockets of Warmth,” and it’s a great way to describe the new line of hoodies from Kanga Klothing.

The hidden pockets are built-in pouches that hold disposable heat packs like (HotHands and Grabber brands).  These pouches are strategically located just inside the sleeve to warm fingers, across the lower back to warm the core, and at the back of the neck to help warm the whole body.  It’s like the inventor Jerome Watts had people with Raynaud’s in mind when coming up with the concept!

Jerome’s patent-pending apparel line was inspired during a frigid Syracuse University football game while tailgating outside the Carrier Dome.  After this painfully cold experience, he conceived of the idea of featuring hidden pouches of warmth inside traditional crew neck sweatshirts, and soon the Kanga Klothing line was born!

Since we know how effective disposable hand warmers are in keeping Raynaud’s sufferers warm, our primary focus in testing the garments was to ensure comfort, quality and safety.  Safety for a product using disposable warmers is key because they are not supposed to be used directly against the skin – it’s a warning found on all reputable disposable warming products, as they can cause burns if the skin isn’t properly protected.  We found that the pouches provide an excellent measure of safety for holding the warmers – they are close enough to benefit from the warmth without risking direct contact with the skin.

As for comfort and quality, the first thing we noticed is that these are high quality, well-made hoodies.  Our three testers all used the words “warm, comfy and soft,” plus referenced how the pouches added a nice layer of warmth.

I expected it to be tricky loading the handwarmers into the pouches for warming the fingers as they are tucked inside the lower sleeves, but it only took one try to get the hang of it.  You just pull the sleeve down while holding the warmer inside the sleeve, and they insert fairly easily.

I was testing the hoodie while experiencing some severe back pain issues.  Neither my pain nor muscle relaxer pills were working for me.  The only thing that helped was heat.  So instead of applying a disposable heat pad from the drugstore, I placed a couple of HotHands in the back pouch.  The heat itself was very subtle, I wasn’t really all that conscious of it.  But my back was significantly better that afternoon!  The heat did a good job of warming my core and lower back.  This might be a whole other application for the hoodies.  It definitely helped with the healing process, and that tells me it was moving the circulation in my back for sure!

It’s worth noting that Jerome created a new design of the hoodies based on our input.  While we saw value in the original pouches over the ears, we suggested creating a pouch near the back of the neck instead, as we hear all the time from Frosties that a scarf on the back of the neck can help keep the whole body warm and would provide extra heat even when the hood isn’t being used.  Multiply that several times over when you add an external heat source to the layer!  And they even named it for us:  The Raynaud’s Hoodie!

Lynn Wunderman, President Raynaud’s Association


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