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Kanga Klothing Hoodies have been accepted by the Raynaud's Association as a product to be used to bring warmth and comfort to those in the Raynaud's Community and others.  We are excited to support those with Raynaud's with our Kanga Klothing Hoodies. Click the link to find out more.

Kanga Klothing Full Zip Hoodie has Eight (8) Hands Free Hand Warmer Pouches!

     Keeps Face           

 Warm and Covered! 

Two (2) Center Pouches for Warming Core, holding Hand Warmers, Cell Phone, or Keys!

One (1) Back Pouch for Hand Warmers Heat for Aching or Painful Back Pain!

Two (2) Glove Pouches in the Sleeves to Place Hand Warmers-Slide Your Hands Up the Sleeves and Feel The Warmth!

Two (2) Ear Pouches and One (1) Neck Pouch in the Hood to Increase Warmth "Wear" We Need It Most!

Raynauds sponser labels.jpg

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