The hidden pockets are built-in pouches that hold disposable heat packs like (HotHands and Grabber brands).  These pouches are strategically located just inside the sleeve to warm fingers, across the lower back to warm the core, and at the back of the neck to help warm the whole body.

Since we know how effective disposable hand warmers are in keeping Raynaud’s sufferers warm, we know that our apparel will be fantastic for those who suffer from the disease.   Moreover, the new hoodie design features a pouch at the back of the neck. Keeping the back of the neck warm can help keep the whole body warm so is perfect for those with Raynaud Disease.

Safety for a product using disposable warmers is key because they are not supposed to be used directly against the skin.  For this reason there is a warning found on all reputable disposable warming products, as they can cause burns if the skin is not properly protected.  We found that the pouches provide an excellent measure of safety for holding the warmers as they are close enough to benefit from the warmth without risking direct contact with the skin.

As for comfort and quality, the first thing we noticed is that these are high quality, well-made hoodies.  Our three testers all used the wordswarm, comfy and soft, plus referenced how the pouches added a nice layer of warmth.

All you need to do is pull the sleeve down while holding the warmer inside the sleeve, and they insert easily.


One tester testing the hoodie while experiencing some severe back pain issues.  Neither his pain killers nor muscle relaxer pills would work for him.  The only thing that helped was heat.  So instead of applying a disposable heat pad from the drugstore, he placed a couple of HotHands in the back pouch.  The heat itself was very subtle.  But his back was significantly better that afternoon!  The heat did a good job of warming his core and lower back.  This might be a whole other application for the hoodies.  It definitely helped with the healing process, and that tells us it was moving the circulation in my back for sure!