About Us

Founded in 2015, Kanga Klothing is an apparel retailer which has been producing custom made hoodies for the past six years.  Ideal for providing warmth in the colder months, our hoodies are designed with keeping your body temperature at an optimal level.

Our products have been technically designed to provide an internal heating system that generated warmth with the use of hand warmers. 

If you struggle to keep warm in the winter months, or even on cooler summer evenings our range of products are perfect.  Ideal for those attending tailgating events, people who love to walk or hunt, parents who get cold watching their loved ones play sport, athletes and those who suffer from Raynaud’s Disease, our range of apparel is stylish, practical and functions fantastically. 

The Story behind the brand:

Kanga Klothing was founded by Jerome Watts, Ed.D, loving father, husband,  energetic educator, author, sports enthusiast, avid tailgater, and… not a cold weather fan!

His patent-pending apparel line was inspired by a frigid Syracuse University football game when spirits were high, and temperatures were at an all-time low as he tailgated outside the Carrier Dome.

Motivated to enjoy his favorite team inside/outside the Carrier Dome or at away games with his family and friends, Watts conceived the idea of featuring hidden pouches of warmth inside of traditional crew neck sweatshirts.